Dating Advice: Best Movies for Great Date

Let’s say you are with someone you’re dating at home, you like each other, but you both experience some shyness. In this case, an excellent option is to watch some movies together. The question is, which ones? Let’s figure it out. To begin with, set aside vulgarity and rudeness. They don’t promote a romantic mood, and instead, they push single ladies away. Remember one thing: the movie you choose will say a lot about you, and it will either help or hurt your cause when it comes to your love interest.

Here is some dating advice around each genre of movie to consider when it comes to dating:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to movie suggestions is choosing a heavy drama. These types of movies can lead to tears and depression, which isn’t exactly the vibe you want to put out in front of your crush. If you choose to watch Titanic, you may be in for a teary night.

When choosing a comedy, make sure to keep in mind a few things. First of all, check out the film’s rating. You don’t want to end up accidentally watching a movie with stupid jokes, obscene language, drugs, and murder. It ‘s definitely best to check into the humor of a movie in advance. The bottom line is that comedies don’t promote feelings except happiness, which is great for a date.

They say that horror and fear strengthen your sex drive. It’s difficult to answer whether this is true or not, but the fact that scary movies typically bring couples together indisputable. Generally speaking, when choosing a horror movie, make sure to ask your partner first. It may be that your crush hates them, no mater how interesting the movie is or who she’s with, so be careful!

Thrillers, like horror movies, can be called frightening. There’s typically less blood and murder scenes in thrillers, but there lies suspenseful secrets and mystery. Make sure your partner is okay with those types of things before selecting a thriller to watch. In thrillers, there are no clear boundaries and they create intense emotions of excitement.

One of the best options if to watch an adventure movie with your love interest. Adventure movies debuted in 1981 when Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark hit the theaters, directed by Steven Spielberg.In adventure films, attention is focused not on the use of force and violence against heroes of a film, but on the ingenuity of heroes and travel. In adventure films, heroes often have to find an extraordinary way out of difficult situations.

You’ll have the largest selection of movies to pick from if you watch a romantic movie, also called a melodrama. What else does she need to feel happy? A good, bright, kind movie about love a happy ending is a sure thing. A melodrama reveals the spiritual and sensual world of heroes in emotional circumstances on the basis of well-known contrasts: good and evil, love and hate, or joy and sorrow.

Be sure you choose the right genre for you, as people are all different. What are some other things to consider when it comes to choosing a date movie?

Dating Advice: Most Common Dating Mistakes

While some of us are great when it comes to dating, others may fall into the “beginner” category. Either way, each and every one of us has had to deal with dating and the issues that come along with it at some point. Just as with anything, the ins and outs of dating and relationships have evolved throughout the years. There’s no doubt that there are some drawbacks to dating, but in the end, imperfections can be beautiful.

To get the most out of your dating game, it’s best think about possible pitfalls in advance. Here is some dating advice:

1. Poor communication: In an era where messengers and ridiculously fast transportation are ubiquitous, for some unknown reason, people tend to forget how to communicate. It’s not enough to just have sex and spend a few hours a week going out or eating somewhere. Deeper conversations and even small talk still matter. Ask how she feels today, what she is up to, or what she dreams about. If things work out, you may end up in a serious relationship or married. Can you be happy with a person you know nothing about? No!

2. Online dating problems: Let’s be honest: issues with online dating are infinite and we could devote an entire book to it. But to name a few, there are online dating scammers, addictions to sexting and frequent rotation of partners. You can easily become picky and fastidious, changing partners like underwear. It’s totally not okay, as you never build an emotional bond, which makes your relationship real and authentic.

3. Rushing into things: “Think fast” is really great for work, but when it comes to relationships, rushing into decisions makes very little sense. Predicting how people are going to act is virtually impossible, so take some time to understand your own feelings and whether or not your partner and you truly click. Many people make this mistake while still being in the initial stage of a romantic relationship when everything seems sweet and fine.

4. Over-analyzing everything: This is pretty common. People tend to pay way too much attention to that which does not really matter. Overall, “actions speak louder than words,” as they say. The fact is, we’r’e human, so at times we can be distracted, depressed, moody or just detached. Of course, you want to avoid putting all of the burdens of your emotional state on your partner’s shoulders. If she doesn’t answer your message within 30 minutes, it does not necessarily mean you’re getting the cold shoulder.

5. Not paying enough attention to sex: This one may sound odd, but it actually happens (often times with men especially). They tend to believe that they have natural skills in bed, and there’s no need for training and looking for better approaches. Moreover, there’s a right and wrong for each individual. Sometimes, the simplest things in life are the most complicated.

What are some other potential pitfalls when it comes to dating? Share your thoughts below.

Dating & Technology Q&A: Should You Delete Pictures of a Long-Term BF?

Question from Mara S.: My ex and I broke up after having a long-term relationship. Should I take pictures of us down from social media now that I’m seeing someone new or should the new guy in my life understand that my ex and I had a long history together?

Technology makes it so easy to share with the world the things that matter to you. It’s normal to post memories that you want to hold onto, but beware of what message your social media is sending. When you are interested in someone, you devour everything online about them in hopes of learning something new. That’s true for someone interested in you. What do you want someone to learn about you from your photos online? Read below for dating advice from relationship experts!

Technology Dating Advice that Helps You Know When to Delete Pics of Your Ex

Suzanne K. Oshima, Matchmaker: While you and your ex had a long history together, it’s time to take the pictures down and move on with your new guy. There’s a great quote by T.D. Jakes that best sums it up, “You can’t drive forward looking in the rearview mirror.”

Robert Manni, Guy’s Guy: My answer is a resounding yes. When it’s time to move forward, take down all photos from social media of you with your ex. If you want a new beginning, especially with someone new, you need to send him the right signals about your availability. The past has merit. We live, we love, and we learn, but there must be a reason your former boyfriend is now your ex. If you’re having a hard time deleting photos of him off social media, perhaps you are not quite ready to move on. If you truly want a new beginning, then start fresh on social media and give your new suitors the opportunity to see who you are right now. If things work out, they could be the luck one in your pictures. Good luck!

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Dating Advice: How to Stop Self-Sabotaging in Love

By Rachel Sparks

In this week’s dating advice video, Single in Stilettos founder and relationship expert Suzanne Oshima talks with spiritpreneur Abiola Abrams about how to stop self-sabotaging your love life. Don’t miss this great relationship advice; watch the video above!

The Dating Advice You Need to Stop Sabotaging Your Love Life

1. Become aware of yourself: Abrams challenges viewers with the question, “Why do you always attract a certain kind of person?” The law of attraction states that you bring into your life what you emit. If you send out signals of failure, whether you subconsciously expect it or not, you welcome failure into your love life. A lot of times, you’re unaware of the ways in which you sabotage yourself, but recognizing that you do so can help break a cycle of bad dates and dead-end relationships. Oshima adds, “The common denominator in all of these failed relationships is you.” It’s time to look in the mirror and face reality about yourself.

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2. Start journaling: Journaling is a great tool to becoming more self-aware. You can find and explore the ways in which you fail and how you may begin to attract the relationships you do want. In her dating advice video, Abrams encourages viewers to “journal who you think you deserve to be with, not your dream person.” When you evaluate not who you wish to have but instead who your current actions attract, you realize who you deserve. “It’s a heartbreaking exercise,” Abrams adds, “because a lot of women realize they believe they don’t deserve love.” If you feel this way, start there and ask yourself why you feel that way. Begin to challenge yourself so that you will believe you deserve kind and compassionate love.

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3. Pay attention to patterns: Journaling can help you discover patterns. Abrams suggests journaling about the times discord arises in your relationships. What environment surrounds the argument? When your relationship is running smoothly, do you bring up old triggers? “We have a victim consciousness,” Abrams says of women. “We get together with our girlfriends and talk trash about our men, and that cultivates conflicts.” Only you know how your relationship is. If you’re constantly looking for conflict, you’ll find it. When you see those patterns, you can stop destroying something that has the potential to be truly satisfying and fulfilling. Abrams offers her final bit of advice, “Self-awareness brings you to self-acceptance.” In other words: true love starts with self-love.

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Dating Advice: 4 Signs Your Partner Is the Right One for You

A lot of us get into a relationship only to eventually breakup. This typically happens because we end up picking the wrong partner simply because we are not aware of what we want from life or we are not able to catch the signs.

To help you make the right decision, our dating advice below includes four signs that indicate your partner is the right one for you:

1. You can talk for hours:

It is important for partners to communicate with each other and talk about everything. If you struggle to come up with a topic to talk about with your significant other, then it is a sign that you are probably not compatible. However, if you can talk at a stretch without struggling to find things to say, then you more than likely have a sustainable connection.

Many couples just sit together, at a restaurant for example, but have nothing to say to each other. Such couples are typically unhappy, and it’s not something you’d want to aspire to in your relationship. If you find it difficult to open up in front of your partner and your conversations are not a two-way street, then it may be time to call it quits.

2. You love doing things together:

If you love your partner’s company and enjoy doing things with them, then they may be the right pick for you.

This could involve everything from dining together to watching movies together to going on trips. Remember that you do not need to share the same tastes to be able to enjoy things together. You might like action movies and your partner might like romantic comedies. There is nothing wrong with that, and sometimes opposites can actually attract one another. But, if these differences begin to cause you to fight, then it’s a sign of concern.

3. He or she makes you happy:

Physical attraction aside, you get into a relationship because it makes you happy, but sadly not every relationship involves two happy people. Some can be toxic.

If your relationship only makes you unhappy, then it is not the right one for you. However, before you make a decision, find out what really causes you to be unhappy. It can be due to several reasons. For example, if you’re married, think about putting together a list entitled “thankful for my husband” and bring to light what qualities your husband has that you are thankful for. You can do the same thing with your partner, and this will help you gauge if the fault is within your partner or because of you.

4. You fight, but then grow closer:

It’s okay and normal for couples to fight. Just because you have arguments, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong for one another. Remember that all couples argue. In fact, many experts believe that fights can help two people come closer, but this only happens when you avoid letting arguments change your relationship.

If you stop talking to each other for days after a fight, then it is a sign that you’re not right for each other. However, if you can get along despite arguments and not carry forward the hatred, then it is a sign that you can work through things together long-term. Couples that forget about the negative things in life and concentrate only on the positives stay together for a long period of time, because they do not let the hardships of life affect who they are.

Consider these four signs when you’re trying to figure out if your partner is “the one”. The key lies in not being overly critical and seeing how things really are. If the partner you’re with makes you happy and you think you can be with them in the long-run, then it’s time to give it a real shot.

Dating & Technology Q&A: How to Use Technology to Prevent Your Relationship Going Stale

Question from Kirstie W: When my boyfriend and I first started dating, our texts were fun and exciting. When we saw each other at the end of the day, we still had a lot to talk about even though we had been texting all day. After being together for six years, texting is non-exisant and when we do see each other all we talk about is work. Conversation is getting stale; help!

Long-term relationships face unique challenges. Conversations can be much more in depth because you know each other better. At the same time, conversations can run dry because you already know so much about each other. After awhile, talks are less about discovery and more about supporting each other. This dating advice from relationship experts Suzanne Oshima and Robert Manni will help bring excitement back into any relationship!

Dating Advice for When Relationships Go Stale

Suzanne K. Oshima, Matchmaker: Ironically, the effectiveness of our communication with our partners can be damaged by the technology that we surround ourselves with every day. When you’re both busy and working throughout the day, it can be difficult to keep in touch and talk about work over technology. When you get home, try to make it a rule to only talk about work for the first 30 minutes of your conversation, and make sure it’s about something you need advice or insight on from your spouse.

After that, focus on your relationship and the fun things about your life together, whether it be date nights, your love, or future plans. This way, you’ll be able to foster an environment at home with your relationship as the focus without the noise and distraction of technology between you. Keep things real by engaging in face-to-face conversations, and you’ll feel much more connected with your partner as a result.

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Robert Manni, Guy’s Guy: The issue here transcends technology. It seems that your day-to-day relationship has become expected and you’re counting on technology to solve your problem. Technology can be a helpful tool for keeping the connection strong, but it’s a means to an end. I’m sure your partner would welcome fun and sexy text exchanges throughout the day, but the real issue is finding ways of maintaining true intimacy when you are together.

I suggest making it a priority to live in the moment when in each other’s company. That means being present: verbally, physically, and even spiritually to maintain your loving connection. Try discussing more than your work when you meet up, even after a hard day. Make it a priority to share meals, drinks, physical intimacy, and your true selves on a regular basis. Technology provides a way of staying connected during the work day, but the most important way to keep the embers glowing is to make the most of your time when you are face to face. Good luck.

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Relationship Advice: How to Build a Lasting Love

By Rachel Sparks

This week’s relationship advice from Single in Stilettos showcases founder and relationship expert Suzanne Oshima interviewing relationship author Wendy Newman. If you get stuck in the dating cycle, Newman’s tips in this dating advice video will help you work past the dating stage into a successful long-term relationship, teaching you how to maintain a lasting love.

Relationship Advice to Help You Maintain Love

Newman’s three nuggets of wisdom will help you build that long-term relationship you’ve been after:

1. No one is in trouble: Ever heard of the phrase “the dog house?” Yeah, we’re all pretty familiar with that one. Newman’s relationship advice is that we no longer make our S.O. feel like they’re in trouble. Instead of attacking each other, this mindset gives you and your partner the opportunity to attack the problem together. Newman asks, “Wouldn’t that be an amazing place to come from — where we never put someone in trouble and instead create that best friend feeling?” We sure think so!

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2. Schedule monthly relationship check-ups: “There is never a good time to talk about unpleasant things,” Newman says. It’s important to tackle things that aren’t working in a relationship. Newman and her love meet every month (they make a date of it on the full moon, but you can choose whenever works best for you) and ask each other a regular set of questions. They start with, “Is there anything you need from me that you found hard to get this month?” Another question they always ask is, “What did you make up about me this month?” Ask questions relevant to your relationship. No matter what you ask, we can all agree that a wellness check-up has its benefits.

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3. Have autonomy: “When we collapse our own individuality into another’s world, we lose ourselves in the relationship,” Newman shares. Resentment and the blame game ends up following. Oshima adds, “When your life is great, and your partner’s life is great, eventually, your life together will be great.” That means you don’t need to feel bad for girls’ night! Pursue your own interests and encourage your partner to do the same. Happy lives individually mean an even stronger relationship and sense of happiness together.

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