Celebrity Break-Up: Did Miranda Lambert and Anderson East Split?

By Carly Horowitz

In latest celebrity gossip, rumors have been circulating about Miranda Lambert and Anderson East’s celebrity relationship. According to UsMagazine.com, East has not posted any photos on Instagram with Lambert since November, and he hasn’t liked any of her photos since December. Since these rumors have been present, the public has also noticed that East does not follow Lambert on Instagram. But, we are not sure if he ever did. It may be a large leap to judge a celebrity break-up by mere social media, but East performed on Bobby Bones’ syndicated radio show on Wednesday, February 28, and sang a song about heartbreak: “If You Keep Leaving Me.” We are not jumping to conclusions, but hopefully Anderson and East will comment on these celebrity break-up rumors soon!

Rumors are stirring about a potential celebrity break-up. What are some ways to decrease break-up speculation?

Cupid’s Advice:

People have a tendency to be nosy. They may begin to assume things in regards to your relationship if there are notable changes on social media, or in person. Whether these changes have any truth to them, it can be annoying to have people constantly discussing these rumors. Luckily, Cupid is here with some advice on how to decrease this talk:

1. Be honest: If you don’t mind people knowing the truth, then share your break-up right after it occurs. This will stop people from formulating their own conclusions as to if you and your partner have broken up and why. Let people know about your break-up, and give them an explanation to the extent at which you feel comfortable so that further rumors don’t begin to arise regarding the reasons why.

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2. Delete social media: After your break-up, you may want to take a break from social media anyway. Also, if you temporarily delete your social media during this time, it will decrease speculation that can form from people analyzing who you are following, who is liking your pictures, and such. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from it all.

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3. Be yourself: The number one reason why break-up speculation arises is because people notice changes in individual’s personalities. If you and your partner actually did not break-up but you are just going through some other personal changes, let your friends and family know so that they don’t assume otherwise. If you and your partner did break-up but you don’t want people to know yet, try your best to still act like yourself so speculation doesn’t occur.

What are some other ways to decrease break-up rumors? Comment below!

Celebrity Exes: Miranda Lambert Didn’t Want A Breakup Album About Blake Shelton

Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Exes: Miranda Lambert Didn’t Want A Breakup Album About Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. Photo: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos

By Marissa Donovan

The last thing Miranda Lambert wanted to do was make her new album all about her split from Blake Shelton. Although the former celebrity couple was married for four years, the country singer wanted to channel her softer side compared to the confident and bold persona she has in the music world. According to an interview with Billboard.comLambert does share that her side of the break up is on the record, but it showcases more vulnerability than just her break-up from Shelton.

This celebrity break-up has inspired the country singer to show a different side of herself. How can music help you after a breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Music can be used to help the sting of a bad break-up. Here are some ways this creative outlet can help you after a breakup:

1. Try songwriting: Like any famous musician, let out your heartache by writing songs about what you’re feeling. Not only will it help you express yourself, but you can also learn a new skill as well!

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2. Listen to your favorite songs: Go listen to your favorite records or play your Ipod for your favorite music. Try listening to your favorite sad songs first and then work your way to some happy music. This will gradually help you transition through a bad breakup.

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3. Search for new music: The positive aspect of a breakup is that it allows you to have a fresh start. Finding new music from artist you’ve never heard before can help you move in a new mindset of who you want to be now that you’re single!

Will you be listening to her new album in November? Let us know in the comments!

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Celebrity News: Miranda Lambert’s Boyfriend Anderson East ‘Couldn’t Be More Proud’ After ACM’s Wins

Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Miranda Lambert’s Boyfriend Anderson East ‘Couldn’t Be More Proud’ After ACM’s Wins

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert. Photo: Instagram

By Delaney Gilbride

In celebrity news, Anderson East continues to be in awe of Miranda Lambert! According to UsMagazine.com, East couldn’t contain his excitement over the “Queen of County’s” record-breaking eighth consecutive Female Vocalist of the Year Award win at the American Country Music Award’s on April 2. East took to Instagram to congratulate Lambert’s win writing, “Couldn’t be more proud of this little lady and the amazing art she brings with her.” The celebrity couple has been dating for over a year after Lambert’s split from Blake Shelton back in 2015. Lambert also took home Album of the Year for The Weight of These Wings, which was inspired by her celebrity break-up from Shelton.

This duo clearly celebrates one another’s accomplishments. What are some ways to show you’re proud of your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Watching your loved one succeed is the absolute best! What are some of the best ways to show your significant other how proud you are of them? Cupid’s here to help you out with some relationship advice:

1. Say it out loud: It seems simple but your loved one will appreciate it. You may assume your partner knows that you’re proud of all that they do, but sometimes that isn’t the case. Let them know how proud you are – say it again and again and again!

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2. Cheer them on: Nothing says “I’m proud of you” more than being supportive of your loved ones actions. Be their cheerleader! Attend the important things, pick them up when they’re down, and most importantly, cheer them on when they need it the most!

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3. Show them: Ever heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words”? Show your significant other how proud you are of them by doing something about it. Whether you make a candlelit dinner at home or take them to their favorite place, show your loved one how proud you are of them by doing something for them.

Are you proud of your partners accomplishments? Comment below with how you show it!

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Anderson East Is Ready for a Celebrity Wedding with Miranda Lambert

By Kayla Garritano

So this is love! Celebrity couple Miranda Lambert and Anderson East may be heading in a serious direction. According to EOnline.com, Lambert’s boyfriend of almost a year says he is ready marry her. For her recent 33rd birthday, East threw a “special celebration” and gave Miranda a few “very thoughtful gifts.” A source shares, “If it was up to Anderson he would marry Miranda today!” They also added that the couple’s friends and family think it’s “just a matter of time” before he pops the question.

There could be a celebrity wedding getting planned soon! How do you know when your partner is ready for marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you’re with that special someone, you’re going to know you want to marry them. But how do you know when your partner is ready to tie the knot? Cupid is here with some relationship advice:

1. Look for the hints: Your partner may drop a couple “when we get married” or “for our wedding” into conversations when they get reminded of something wedding related. They may keep the hunts subtle without directly confronting you, but that’s just their way of saying they see a future with you.

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2. Talk to them: If you’re not getting any hints, try the direct approach. You can ask them if they’ve thought about marriage, or talk to them about where they see themselves in the next 10 years. If you’re not getting a clear answer, it’s best to talk to them directly.

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3. Look where they stand: Are they financially independent, are they emotionally stable, and do they like children? Make sure that your partner is in a good and happy place. If they are, then that is a sign they are ready for a future with you, and that means hopefully starting a family.

How did you discover is your partner was ready for marriage? Comment below!

Celebrity Couple Miranda Lambert & Anderson East Talk Marriage and Kids

By Mallory McDonald

Sparks are flying between celebrity couple Miranda Lambert and Anderson East. The two have even been discussing a celebrity wedding and possibly celebrity kids  in the future! According to EOnline.com, a source recently revealed, “She wants to get married again and have children soon. That has been an open conversation between her and Anderson. He wants the same.” After her rocky divorce from country star Blake Shelton, Lambert is finally feeling settled and happy again. The same source shared, “Miranda is very happy with Anderson. They have gotten very close. Her friends think this is the guy for her.” Lambert’s relationship with Shelton was nothing short of troubled, and we learned, “She is completely over Blake and wishes him only the best.  It was a time in her life that was special, but she’s happy that relationship took her to where she is now.”

This celebrity couple is moving on to the next level in their relationship. How do you know when to broach the topics of marriage and kids with your partner?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Deciding to take that next step in a relationship can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Cupid is here to help decide when to bring marriage and kids up to your partner:

1. Strong & steady: If you have been in a long term relationship with someone and the relationship is only getting stronger has it goes, this can be a clear indicator that you are ready for more commitment.

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2. Subtle hints: When you are finding yourself or your partner slowly dropping hints pertaining to marriage or kids, take control and don’t be afraid to have the conversation. It can be hard choosing to discuss such life changing things, but you don’t want to miss the opportunity.

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3. Easy going: As the relationship progresses, if it feels like it is getting easier as time goes on because you understand the person and have good communication, make that next step!

How did you bring up the subject of marriage and kids in your relationship? Comment below!