Celebrity News: Find Out How Khloe Kardashian Reacted to Tristan Thompson Cheating

By Jessica Gomez

In celebrity news, Khloe Kardashian is absolutely devastated and shocked that beau Tristan Thompson has been cheating on her through her pregnancy. She just gave birth to a celebrity baby girl yesterday after all the commotion. According to UsMagazine.com, a source confirmed that Kardashian was in Cleveland at Thompson’s home when she found out. Everyone was shocked when footage was released of the basketball player kissing a brunette last Saturday and being spotted leaving a hotel the next morning. “She is completely humiliated and has never felt betrayal like this. There’s no denying what he has been doing,” a source said. “[Khloé] feels sick that she is in Tristan’s house in Cleveland with a nursery all set up and that everything all this time was a lie. She wants to get out of there as soon as she can and go home.” However, Khloe’s doctor did not allow her to go back home. Her family has rushed to be by her side during this difficult time. A question still stands: will the celebrity couple get past this? Time will tell. We’ll keep you updated!

In celebrity news, Khloe Kardashian is dealing with a cheating boyfriend as she prepares to give birth. What are some ways to tell if your partner is cheating?

Cupid’s Advice:

Cupid has some relationship advice for you! Certain things aren’t black and white. There are red flags that can insinuate that your partner may be cheating, but there is no fool proof way of knowing without hard evidence. The important thing is to not jump to conclusions right away. However, there are some things that you just shouldn’t ignore, and here they are:

1. They’re extra secretive with their phone: One thing is wanting to protect your privacy, but it is a whole other thing to guard your phone with your life when around your significant other. If your partner pulls away whenever they’re texting or typing in their phone code, or they take their phone everywhere they go every single time — then this is a red flag. Something may be up.

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2. They’ve become distant: When the vibe just isnt the same anymore, something is up. People don’t just pull away from their loved ones for no reason. The reason may or may not be cheating, but there is definitely something going on that needs attention and should be fixed quick.

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3. You catch them in lies, big or small: Whenever they give you their side of a story, it is constantly changing… yeah, something’s not right. If things don’t add up, they may be cheating. Cheaters lie to not get caught, so this is a big red flag to look out for.

What other signs are there of cheating? We want to hear from you! Comment below.

Relationship Advice: 5 Signs You Want Your Ex Back

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder or is it just loneliness talking? After breaking up with someone, especially someone you’ve had a long, meaningful relationship with, you may start questioning if it was the right thing to do. While breaking up because they cheated on you or abused you is never wrong, if there wasn’t that type of strife, then you may question why you parted.

Here are five signs that you regret the breakup and want your ex back.

1. Keep Tabs on Social Media

One sign that someone wants their ex back is that they’re keeping up with their life via social media. If you find yourself stalking his Facebook or Instagram to see who he is dating or where he is going on vacation, then it is obvious that you miss him. Instead of stalking him online, build up the courage to leave a nice direct message or text him. If he is interested in hearing from you, he will text or message you back. If you don’t receive any return messages, that should be a loud and clear sign that your feelings are one-sided.

2. You Regret Your Decision to Break Up

After breaking up with someone you’ve been in a long-term relationship with, you may immediately begin to regret it. Just because a relationship has become stale, doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Successful relationships require hard work from both partners. Consider going to couples therapy to learn how to better communicate with each other, especially when things do seem stale or when you’re in a rut. Good communication is a key component of a lasting relationship.

3. You Talk About Your Ex A Lot

Your friends will probably be the first to mention that you’re always talking about your ex. They may be tired of hearing about your exploits with him or how much you miss him. You may not even notice that he seems to come up every time you hang out with your best friends, but they will.

4. You Keep In Touch With His Family

If you and your ex had a serious relationship, then you may have gotten to know his family very well. If you keep in touch with them, it may be a sign you miss and want him back. You don’t necessarily need to part with the family after a break-up, but it is unusual to frequently reach out to them. If you regret the break-up, stop talking to his family and talk to him. Find out if he is interested in seeing you again by using these tips to get your ex back permanently.

5. You’ve Forgiven Him for His Wrongdoings

If he wronged you in some way, then you will need to forgive him before you can consider getting back together with your ex. Resentment will eat away at you and the relationship if you haven’t been able to forgive him for what happened. If you have forgiven him, don’t use what happened to hurt him, but move on and rebuild the trust between you to create a better relationship.

If you recognize some of these signs within yourself, then start exploring opportunities to reconnect with your ex and build a stronger relationship with him or her.

Relationship Advice: Working Through Your Heartbreak

By Dr. Jane Greer

Getting over a heartbreak is never easy, and there is no simple answer to how to recover from it. What does it mean when relationships don’t work out? Is it you choosing a bad partner, or is it something out of your control? Dealing with the loss of love is often a challenge. Some people throw themselves back into the mix immediately, jumping in to a new relationship, while others take themselves out of the dating game for a while. The question is, how do you hold on to hope, and is there a way to try to ensure success on take two so that you don’t continue to repeat the same wrong moves in the love game? It’s rumored that The Weeknd’s new EP is about his exes Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid. Perhaps his approach to dealing with his breakups is through his music.

Here is some expert relationship advice on navigating heartbreak post break-up and when entering a new, rushed relationship:

Many who dive right back into the fire may find that their new love connection isn’t going as well as they had hoped and wonder why. There are several reasons this can occur, and it is helpful to understand them. For some, the pain of the split is too immense to handle because of how personally rejected they feel. As a result, their self-esteem may take a big hit, and they may go along in a relationship that they know isn’t a good fit simply because having a new person in their life helps buffer the intense pain they are feeling. In that case, their thought might be that at least somebody wants to be with them. Another reason is that sometimes the loss of a significant other in their life and everything that goes along with that – doing things together, planning for two, looking toward the future, and having some security as to how they spend their weekends and evenings – is so hard to take that being with anyone might seem better than being alone. Therefore, they will quickly seek out a new partner regardless of how bad a fit that person might be. When that happens, simply having that person in their life trumps how compatible they are. If either of these reasons are in play, it can be the equivalent of taking an aspirin for a headache. It is a quick antidote to buffer the pain, but it may not deal with the contributing issues that brought about the heartbreak in the first place. Consequently, if you are looking to “lose” yourself in a new relationship, be it a rebound or an escape from the past, while it might ease the heartache in the moment it can sometimes lead to more loss in the future.

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In this whole mix one of the questions is, have you gotten over your ex at all? If not, you might find yourself comparing your new person to your old significant other, and if you are still in love with the former, your current companion may pale in comparison. While the relationship itself might make you feel better about yourself temporarily, your new partner may not ever replace your old one. In addition, there may be unresolved problems still lingering from your old relationship that you now find squarely present in your new romance. You may even realize, surprisingly, that you have taken on the role of your old partner with your new one, and are now doing what your ex did to you, anything from calling too often to acting jealous. If you find this happening it can be a red flag that all is not well.

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If you have gone through a heartbreak and are looking to start a new relationship that is successful, it is important to take an honest look at what didn’t work in your romantic past. Shine a light on what went wrong. Were you unhappy or did you do something to make your partner unhappy? Were they turned off by some of your behaviors and quirks, or you by theirs? Was it you or them who was not willing to step up to the plate in terms of making necessary compromises? This will help you develop self-awareness and give you some understanding of what might be at play with your new partner. This will also enable you to view the past as a stepping stone to the future, not wasted or lost time, but important information that you can learn from and take with you. It can also give you more realistic expectations going into the next relationship so you can hopefully make a better choice that will lead to a more positive connection. Along the same lines, if you find yourself going from one relationship to the next so you are not alone, but you keep choosing people who are not right for you or you lose interest in them quickly, then now is a good time to learn how to be on your own so you can develop inner security and grow stronger before doing a cannon ball back in to that pool of love. Once you have given yourself a chance to do that, you might be better able to choose a new partner based not only on how they make you feel about yourself, but also on how you feel about them and what you are able to share together.

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It seems that The Weeknd is working through his heartache with music. Taylor Swift has been known to do the same. You don’t have to write music to be able to do this. Instead, write a letter of the things you wish to say or wish you said, that you don’t have to send. You can also listen to sad songs, but remember to balance that with a few love songs so that you are able to have faith that there will be a new beginning around the corner for you.

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Celebrity News: How Michelle Williams Found Love After Heath Ledger’s Death

By Rachel Sparks

Is it possible to find love after loss? The late heartthrob Heath Ledger’s wife, Michelle Williams, opened up to ENews on the ten-year anniversary of her late husband’s death. According to Williams, the celebrity news of her Ledger’s overdose became her hell. Williams’s relationship advice: keep moving forward. When she had given up on the fairytale of a happily ever after, dating celebrity ex Jason Segel, Williams finally found the one. In a very quiet relationship avoiding being part of celebrity gossip, Williams and Harvard graduate Andrew Youmans, a New York financial consultant enjoy vacations with Williams’s daughter Matilda.

In celebrity news, Michelle Williams finally found a fairytale love 11 years after Heath Ledger’s death. What are some ways to move on after a loved one?

Cupid’s Advice:

The celebrity news about Heath Ledger’s death had us all heartbroken, as if the teenage version of ourselves had been his wife. Dealing with our own losses are even more difficult, a battle that is both exhausting and daunting. When you’ve lost everything, how do you move forward? Cupid’s Pulse has taken some love advice from Michelle Williams:

1. Focus on what matters: Matilda, Williams and Ledger’s daughter, grounded the single mother in what mattered: Williams had to move forward in order to raise her. You and your lost loved one may not have had kids, but there was some sort of legacy left behind. Honoring someone’s memory through what mattered to the both of you can ground you in the present, help you accept the loss, and start healing. Whether it’s children, hiking in Peru, or building birdhouses, there is someway to stay busy and move forward while honoring your loved one.

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2. Let go of expectations: Like Williams, we all have expectations of love. When our partner dies, our perception of love and the world shifts drastically. Sometimes, we lose hope. Sometimes, we hold onto something false. Don’t expect to find anyone like the person you had; they were one of a kind, after all, but realize that there is still something and someone special out there for when you’re ready.

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3. Fight for your support network: No matter whether you’re ready for love or not, having a support network is critical. Williams kept Ledger’s family around for a long time. In more recent years, a decade after her husband’s death, she has friends her fight for her solitude and privacy amongst the glaringly nosey celebrity world. Find people who will fight for you when you don’t have the strength to do it for yourself.

What love advice do you have for coping with a death? Share below and offer someone else the strength they need. 

Celebrity Divorce: Matt Lauer Moves Out of Family Home Amid Divorce

By Rachel Sparks

Former Today anchor Matt Lauer was forced out of his family home in the Hamptons by current wife Annette Roque amid their ongoing divorce. An insider told UsMagazine.com that Roque threatened legal action due to Lauer’s hesitation, stating that Lauer was more concerned with how the press would view his new living arrangements after being fired for sexual harassment. Roque and insider said Lauer should care more for what is best for his family. This celebrity divorce, a result of the #MeToo movement, is worrisome for the affect it has on their three children.

Amid this celebrity divorce, Matt Lauer finally moved out of the family home after initially refusing. What are some ways to make your divorce more amicable?

Cupid’s Advice: 

A celebrity divorce is just as volatile as what we deal with when we endure divorces ourselves. There will always be collateral damage; children will have emotional backlashes, sometimes after everything has calmed down. Living situations change, oftentimes with financial hardship amongst the legalities of the split. While your divorce may not be the latest celebrity news, Cupid’s relationship advice will help you navigate those choppy divorce waters in order for a more amicable split:

1. Evaluate your goals: Within any action, there is a primary end result that we would like to see. In a divorce, it may be that you want to keep the house or the kids, that you want shared custody or holiday visitation rights. Recognizing what it is that you want most out of a divorce will help alleviate the minute details. There will be enough stress already, so choose what’s worth fighting for.

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2. Evaluate your priorities: Similar to knowing what you want, you need to evaluate what really matters. Like Matt Lauer, is public appeal worth costing your family more stress? In emotionally-intense situations, it’s easy to lose sight of your priorities. Remind yourself what matters, and fight for whatever that may be.

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3. Respect your family: Lauer and Roque were married for 19 years, and now their familiar family structure is crumbling. No matter the length of time you and your spouse spent together, at some point, it was built on mutual love and respect. It’s much harder to see this amidst a divorce, but realizing that you once loved your ex and still love the children you raised together means that you should be willing to make sacrifices for the greater good of everyone involved.

What advice do you have for splitting on good terms with your spouse? Share your own relationship advice below!

Relationship Advice: Say ‘Yes’ to Terms of Endearment

By Dr. Jane Greer

So much goes into making a relationship work, and the secret ingredients that lead to success certainly vary from couple to couple. With that in mind, there are certain gestures many have in common that help them accent and cement their romance, and sharing pet or special names as well as baby talk are often among them. In fact, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos recently revealed they share some naughty pet names for each other.

By choosing a nickname you use only for each other, it can allow you to express the unique affection you share. It can give you the confidence that you are truly seen and known by your partner, and it can make you feel special. Check out more relationship advice around terms of endearment:

Seductive names like this can add a lot of excitement and enhance intimacy as well as rev up your sex life. In some cases, hearing the special name can take you right back to those amorous sessions and make you feel sexy and desirable. In other words, the word itself can cause a reflex that gets your sexual energy going. Some take it a step beyond and give nicknames to their genitalia, which allows them to playfully refer to one another. There are many different types of names that can have a positive effect, and they don’t have to be risqué, but can also be simple and innocent. These, too, can be emotional glue that help to keep you together, and that can also add to a shared moment of love. All of this is great, and can bring you closer to your partner, but sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Can it ever become a problem?

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The resounding answer is yes, it can. There are those occasions when something that starts as a cute and adoring act can begin to feel like a criticism, especially if the name of choice is rooted in a trait or behavior that may potentially annoy your partner. On occasion a name is picked for that very reason, to mitigate personality quirks that can get on each other’s nerves. For example, if your partner chose to call you Slowpoke because you are always on the other side of late, or you call him Bull because he is always rushed and breaks a lot of things, these can eventually come to highlight the less lovable sides of each of you. At first they might seem charming, but over time they can take on the negative twist of reality and you may feel like you are being scolded. Also, they can become overused and grating, and can become a source of tension. The same can happen with baby talk. You might like it, and it can serve to enhance the camaraderie you share while letting your inner child out, but it can become too much and seep into too many different places in your life. If this happens it can have the opposite of the desired result and instead of turning you on it can turn you off. So what do you do when the terms of endearment become terms of negativity?

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The best thing to do is to have a direct conversation with your partner about it. Explain what you are feeling, and suggest either coming up with another pet name or taking a break from it altogether and simply calling you by your real name. If you go the route of searching for a new nickname, you might even recommend that you hunt for one together. When it comes to baby talk, it is important to express your wishes there, too. Sometimes putting boundaries in place can help – for example, maybe you want to keep it out of the bedroom, or maybe the bedroom is the only place it works for you. Perhaps you are comfortable when you are the only ones present, but once you leave the house and are in the company of others, you might want to suggest turning it off and saving it for later. With that, too, if you want to stop it completely then ask to take a break. By doing this and being honest with each other, you are keeping your verbal interaction fresh and true, and continuing the spoken intimacy you share.

It seems that Kelly and Mark are able to enjoy and balance their naughty names, and hopefully so can you whatever your pet names and baby talk might be.

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Relationship Advice: Date Ideas For Your Significant Other’s Birthday

By Lori Zaslow and Jenn Zucher for Project Soulmate // Contributing Writer: Lauren Serrato

Planning the perfect birthday can be tough, especially when in a relationship. The date you plan can make or break your significant other’s big day, so choose wisely! When planning, you should consider what would be fun and memorable for both of you. Whether you are thinking sentimental, sexy, or spontaneous, the birthday date idea should always have a touch of you in it. Add in something special that makes it clear that you put a lot of thought into the date, like your significant other’s favorite food or something only you two would understand. Follow the relationship advice below, and you will definitely make your partner’s birthday one to never forget!

Five Birthday Date Ideas for Your Significant Other

1. Plan a picnic: This is the perfect date idea if you’re looking for something sentimental. The food prep, the wine, and the location are all aspects that you can arrange based on your partner’s preferences. Maybe he’d be into a picnic in the park with a perfectly-packed basket of wine and homemade comfort food as well as a cozy blanket for the two of you to share. If the weather isn’t nice enough for a picnic outside, no worries! Move it indoors. A picnic in the living room is just as romantic. Set the mood with dimmed lights and some flowers and candles, and you are destined for the perfect birthday date.

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2. A night out on the town: If you’re not into the sentimental stuff, plan a night out. Get dressed up and hit the big city! A night at his favorite bar is a great way to spend any birthday. If you’re looking to make it extra special, after happy hour drinks, go to a fancy restaurant that neither of you have been to before. Trying something new together will make it even more memorable.

3. Host a brunch: Looking to include your friends and family in the birthday celebration? Hosting brunch is a perfect way to get all your favorite people together. French toast, fresh fruit, and mimosas make up a delicious (and easy!) menu. This date idea is a great way to make your significant other feel loved, and it allows the two of you to have the night to yourselves after the party is over.

4. Recreate your first date: This date idea is the perfect way to show off your sensitive side. Recreate the first date you had as a couple. If it was a movie date, rent the movie (or find it on Netflix) and set up a theater at your place. Complete the date with popcorn and candy. You can add to the night by cooking your partner’s favorite meal.

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5. Plan a getaway: If you two have a favorite vacation spot nearby, book a nice hotel for the night or weekend and make reservations at your favorite restaurant. Or you can plan a road trip to a secluded destination. It’s the perfect chance for you to reconnect. Looking to make it more extravagant? Plan a few days of vacation in a different city or even a different state. If you’re tired of the cold, find somewhere warmer to travel for the weekend, like Arizona or California. You can find a nice place to stay through Airbnb. Whether it is an outdoorsy vacation or a few days filled with good food and shows, you’re sure to have created the perfect birthday weekend for your partner.

Don’t be afraid to alter these birthday date ideas to fit your relationship. Make it personal and memorable. Your significant other will appreciate the thought and planning you put into this date, whether it’s sentimental or spontaneous!

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