Newly Single Celebrity Kendra Wilkinson Is ‘Excited’ to Start Dating Post-Divorce from Hank Baskett

By Haley Lerner

In celebrity news, Kendra Wilkinson is ready to start dating again, despite filing for divorce from husband Hank Baskett just one month ago. According to, the newly single celebrity is ready to put herself back on the market. A source told the outlet that Wilkinson is “ready to put herself out there in the dating world” and is “looking forward to this new chapter of her life.” Following Wilkinson’s dramatic celebrity divorce, the reality TV star showed off a new brunette bob replacing her signature platinum blonde locks. The former Playboy model is clearly ready for her comeback and the possibility to explore new men.

Single celebrity Kendra Wilkinson is ready to get out there and start dating again. What are the best ways to meet potential partners?

Cupid’s Advice:

Wilkinson isn’t letting her recent divorce stop her from venturing out into the dating world. Here are Cupid’s tips for meeting a new special someone:

1. Consult your friends: No one knows you better than your closest friends. They know your personality and what you’re into. When you’re ready to start dating again, confide in your friends and let them know. Your besties can help try to set you up with some dates with people they think you might work well with. Even if these dates don’t work out, they are perfect warm-ups to get you ready for real contenders. If you end up clicking with someone you were set up with, it’s even better!

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2. Online dating: Yes, there might be some stigma around it, but online dating really is a great option for meeting a new partner. Whether it’s through a website like or an app like Tinder, you’ll be exposed to plenty of people you otherwise would never meet. You might have to get through some duds, but it’s possible you could meet someone really special.

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3. Actually go out: Putting setups and online dating aside, there’s nothing better than meeting someone by the classic approach: getting yourself out there! Instead of spending a Friday night in watching romantic comedies on Netflix and dreaming of a new beau, put on something nice and go out to a bar, club or local joint with your friends. If partying isn’t your thing, spend your newfound single time at a museum, concert, café or other social setting. If you’re constantly around lots of people, you’re bound to potentially run into that special someone.

Have any other advice for meeting potential partners? Share your thoughts below!

Celebrity Exes: Source Says Selena Gomez Has ‘Moved On’ from Justin Bieber

By Jessica Gomez

In celebrity news, Selena Gomez has moved on from her celebrity ex Justin Bieber and has no interest in getting back together with him in the foreseeable future. According to, sources say she is in a better place now after some self-reflection. “She respects him as a person, but has decided she is much happier doing her own thing. Selena rarely even talks about Justin anymore, and is fully open to dating,” a source said. Another source added that the former celebrity couple are not in contact either. Gomez is doing great in her career and friends and family are happy to see her doing well. Good for her!

These celebrity exes are going to remain exes, at least for now. What are some ways to decide that you’re better off without someone?

Cupid’s Advice:

Every person is different and so is every situation, so think hard about whether someone is right for you or not. Cupid has some relationship advice on things to consider before deciding whether you’re better off without someone or not:

1. Have they done unforgivable things?: Forgiving them means accepting the situation and their apology, and moving on from it. There is no point in saying you will forgive your partner, if the problem will just keep popping up in the future. So, analyze and evaluate whether what they did is something you can move on from.

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2. Are they worth it?: This question may seem harsh, but it’s one you have to ask yourself and be honest about. Do you see a future with this person? How has your relationship with them been overall? Consider these things. Ponder away.

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3. Have you given yourself enough time to make this choice?: Depending on the situation, you may need a little time or a lot of time to think things over. Don’t make any impulsive decisions. Don’t rush, take the time you need. You need time to decide whether this person is someone that deserves to be in your life. The people in your life should be making it better, not creating complete and utter chaos.

In what other ways did you know whether you were better off with or without someone? Share with us below!

Celebrity Break-Up: Corinne Olympios Is Single Again After Announcing New Relationship

By Karley Kemble

Just two weeks after announcing her new relationship, Corinne Olympios is back on the market. The former Bachelor hopeful was dating a Los Angeles area relator, but the pair has endured a celebrity break-up, reports This celebrity news is a shock to fans, as Olympios said things were going well when she first spoke out about her now-ex. The reality star apparently in good spirits about her current relationship status, and shared the qualities she’s hoping to find in a future partner: “I’m just looking for someone who’s, like, chill and relaxed, supportive, cool,” she said. “We don’t need to rush into anything.” Hang in there, Corinne!

Corinne Olympios just went through another celebrity break-up very soon after announcing her relationship. What are some ways to know if your new relationship will last?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you begin a relationship, there’s always an element of uncertainty. Sometimes, you just know when somebody’s going to be around for longer than a few dates. Here’s what Cupid has to say:

1. They’re eager to be with you: Everyone’s busy to some extent. However, it is important to recognize the difference between not having time and making time. If your partner seems super eager to spend a lot of time with you, and never (or very, very seldom) postpones plans, that is very telling! Even better: when the time they want to spend with you is thoughtful or seemingly mundane (i.e. offering to tag along with you while you run errands.)

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2. They take a genuine interest in your life: When others might brush you off and seem indifferent about something small that excites you, your new partner shares the new excitement with you. They love hearing you talk about the details of your life – big and small. The same goes for you, too. If you’re excited to learn all there is to know about them, you might just have yourself a lasting relationship!

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3. They listen (and remember!): We can all tell if somebody is actively listening and genuinely caring. Perhaps you mentioned something in passing, and they bring it up later. That’s a really, really good sign! It shows that they care about you and all that you have to offer!

How could you tell if your relationship was going to last? Comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

Reality TV Update: Andi Dorfman Is ‘Excited’ to See Arie Luyendyk Jr. as New Star of ‘The Bachelor’

by Ashleigh Underwood

The latest celebrity news reveals that Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the newest star of The Bachelor, and former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman is happy to share her excitement. In a recent celebrity interview with, Dorfman says, “I think it’s cool, it’s kind of interesting. It’s going back a little old school.” And she’s completely right: With the network bringing back an old contestant, there is bound to be some riveting plot twists and interesting people returning to this longtime reality TV show.

This former Bachelorette is just as excited as we are for the upcoming season of The Bachelor! What are some ways to support your friends as they look for love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being a good friend means being there through thick and thin. Whatever they are going through, you are by their side, holding their hand. When it comes to their search for true love, here are a few ways to show your support:

1. Know how to listen: The most important thing you can do to help a friend is to simply listen. When your pals are upset or struggling with something, odds are, they just need to get it out of their system. Allowing them to talk through it can help their situation more than anything else.

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2. Empathize with them: While you may not be experiencing the exact same thing, you can probably relate. Share your stories with your friend and let them know they’re not alone. This way, they’ll feel more comfortable and hopefully feel better faster. When you share your experiences with them, it may also help them to come to another solution they may not have thought of before.

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3. Be their wingman: There is nothing more empowering than having your friends talk you up. If they are struggling to find love, help set them up with someone! No one knows your friend and what they want more than you. You can pair them up with the perfect partner and help them jump start a new relationship.

How do you support your friends as they look for love? Comment below!

Single Celebrity: Bachelor’s Ashley laconetti Isn’t Interested in “Random Dates”

Cupid's Pulse Article: Single Celebrity: Bachelor’s Ashley laconetti Isn’t Interested in “Random Dates”

Ashley laconetti at Spiderman Homecoming premiere. Photo: ashley_iaconetti/Instagram

By Marissa Donovan

Ashley laconetti doesn’t make dating her first priority. According to, The Bachelor alum is too busy to go on random dates after she’s done recording her Almost Famous podcast. The single celebrity joked that she would rather have God drop a husband in her lap than go on dates with strangers. We bet that laconetti will someday get lucky with love!

In celebrity news, Ashley laconetti claims to be too busy for romance. How can you open up your schedule for date nights?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although we can’t predict when you will meet the next person you’ll be in a relationship with, we can help by giving you some advice about opening up your schedule for date nights:

1. Free up your weekend nights: The best opportunity to go on date with a busy schedule would be your weekends. Many fun venues usually have events that you and your date can enjoy on Saturday. Sundays are good for restaurants specials and maybe brunch specials depending on what you and your date want to do.

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2. Try finishing up work projects during week: Tackle work projects during the week to allow you to enjoy your weekend. It might be easier said than done, but you will be thankful when you have a fun date to enjoy on the weekend!

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3. Take advantage of the holidays: The holidays are really good for date nights! Most work offices will give their workers time off. Take advantage of your free time by planning a date night with someone new!

How can you free up your schedule for date nights? Let our busy readers know in the comments!

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Single Celebrity: John Mayer Tries to Score a Date with David Foster’s Daughter on Instagram

Cupid's Pulse Article: Single Celebrity: John Mayer Tries to Score a Date with David Foster’s Daughter on Instagram

John Mayer. Photo: BRY/FAMEFLYNET

By Marissa Donovan

John Mayer seems to be searching for his next romance! The Love on The Weekend singer left a comment on David Foster’s Instagram picture asking if he suggest him to his daughter Erin. Foster has yet to make a public comment about Mayer’s remark. After breaking up with celebrity ex Katy Perry, the singer reflected on their relationship with song “Still Feel Like Your Man.” According to, the singer has clearly moved on and is scoping out his next romance.

This single celebrity made one bold move! What are some ways to utilize social media for dating purposes?

Cupid’s Advice:

Over the recent years, dating has gone digital and has changed our ways of meeting new people. Here are some ways to use social media for dating purposes:

1. Download apps: Dating apps can be a hit or miss when it comes to dating someone. Some people get lucky and meet someone, while others find themselves mindlessly swiping. Before downloading any dating app, do your research on one you may be interested in and see how you can create a dating profile that others will be interested in.

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2. Create a dating resume: Get creative and humorous with you love life by making a funny, yet charming dating resume. According to, a student from Michigan State University created one and it apparently had a successful response. You can also come up with another creative concept that can help boost your dating game.

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3. Direct message: Mayer is not the only one that’s used Instagram for getting girls. According to People.comJustin Bieber directed message a gym’s Instagram account by asking for a girls name in a photo they posted. Although this may seem like the easiest avenue to try dating, use with precaution! Direct messages can often come across as creepy if you have never met the person. If you’ve met person you are messaging, then it may be okay to send a flirty message.

Who do you think John Mayer will date next? What dating tips would you give him? Let us know in the comments!

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Single Celebrity: Katy Perry Talks Unrequited Love and Shower Sing-Offs With Exes

Cupid's Pulse Article: Single Celebrity: Katy Perry Talks Unrequited Love and Shower Sing-Offs With Exes

Katy Perry. Photo: katyperry/Instagram

By Marissa Donovan

Katy Perry is sounding off on her music and experiences with love these days. According to her interview with WMagazine.comthe pop singer shared that she often sings in the shower and has enjoyed sing-offs with her celebrity exes in the shower as well. Her new song “Save As Draft” is one of the many from her collection that expresses her love life. She shared in the interview that her personal songs are about people she’s no longer dating or have unrequited love.

In celebrity news, this single celebrity is willing to express all the love that she’s experienced. How can you express past or current relationships that you have had with partners?

Cupid’s Advice:

For some it can be hard to express exactly what is happening or happened in a relationship. Communicating your feelings by talking can be a struggle a times. Here are some ways to can express your current or past relationships that you have had with partners:

1. Keep a private journal: Write down list of thoughts or write paragraphs of what your currently experiencing romantically. You can write about your past relationships, current relationship, or people you would like to be with. If you have problems with trusting other by telling them feelings, you can at least write out what you feel.

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2. See a couples counselor: You do not have to be in a relationship to seek advice from an expert. A couples counselor are welcoming to those who want to express their love lives and might also want help. Trying searching for one and see what type of guidance they can provide for you.

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3. Listen to music: If you can’t put your thoughts in to words, then try searching for music on Youtube or Spotify. Both websites may know of songs or musicians that have produced songs in your field of current emotions. You might even find a Katy Perry song that describes what your going through!

What are some other ways you can express your feelings about your current love life? Let us know in the comments!

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